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Greg Wheatley

Risk management in Queensland


Townsville, Queensland

Professional background

I worked in SMSF Administration from 1995 to 2003, at which time I moved to an adviser/planner role specialising in Risk Management.

Why do you like working with Sustainable Life Solutions as an adviser

Working with the Sustainable Life Solutions team has been the best part of working with the company. They’ve built an amazing general advice technology platform and CRM system that has been a real benefit for my business.

Key area of specialisation

Risk management.

Describe how you have helped a client that made you a great partner to the client

Making a client aware of Keyman Insurance and the benefits it can have for a business. He went on to insure one of his key employees and four years later, a claim was made for $600,000 and this significantly mitigated the risk and ensured the survival of his business.

Geographical areas you represent


One thing you would like clients to think about when it comes to life insurance

I would like to help my client recognise their needs over their wants.

Your approach to general advice when you work with clients

I approach each client from an educational basis so that they are aware of their needs. The onus is on them to reflect their needs in the amount of cover they request.

Recommendations for consumers who are considering general advice

They need to recognise that general advice is a learning and educational experience.

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