The future of general advice, right now

Making the move to general advice can seem daunting,
but working with us will give you the confidence to make the leap.

Your systems and processes will be automated. You’ll have access to a dedicated, highly skilled support and compliance team, and you’ll be guided by industry veterans who are experts in general advice.

You won’t have to worry about compliance, your costs will be reduced and because you’re doing business up to 95% faster, you’ll be able to help more people get the insurance they need.

Best-in-class general advice platform

Knowledge, technology and a wealth of experience embedded into a platform built for compliance and simplicity. Making it faster, and easier, to secure insurance for your clients with Australia’s leading insurers.

Loved by advisers

Tony Smilevski
Since switching to general advice and working with Sustainable Life Solutions, my work-life balance has seen an amazing change. The technology driven general advice solution gives me full autonomy to do what I need to do and decide when I need to do it — it’s up to me.
Russell Sheasby
Working in general advice with Sustainable Life Solutions has completely changed my outlook for the longevity of my career. It only takes me 90 minutes to provide advice which previously took 20 hours for me to prepare.
Reg Stenhouse
Working with Sustainable Life Solutions has freed up my time and my mind and this has taken pressure away from the business and myself. When you think your life’s work is finished because of regulations, that’s terrible. Now, my business is increasing in value.
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Partnering with leading insurance providers

  • AIA
  • AMP
  • Asteron Life
  • BT
  • ClearView
  • CommInsure
  • Encompass
  • Integrity Life
  • MetLife
  • MLC
  • NEOS
  • OnePath
  • TAL
  • Zurich

Find out how our general advice model that integrates a CRM system, business process and compliance solution can work for you.