What We Do

The financial advice industry is changing

But the future ahead remains bright during this transition

With increased scrutiny from regulators, life risk advisers who wish to continue to remain in the industry will have to complete a mandatory Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) professional examination to be able to continue to offer personal advice.

The onerous requirements for the FASEA examination has seen many financial advisers leaving the industry and this will make it difficult for everyday Australians to get access to advice.

Many advisers do not have a clear path on how they will approach the transition from personal to general advice. What is the best alternative that will work for them to continue to operate in a new compliance environment?

An alternative should not compromise on an advisers’ revenue, cast a negative perception on how they choose to provide advice and allow them to transition towards a business model that is sustainable, compliant and professional.

This is why Sustainable Life Solution exists.

We’re here to help you to stay in the industry

Sustainable Life Solutions provides the most advanced General Advice Platform in existence and a team of experts here to support you in the transition from personal advice.

Our General Advice Platform helps advisers thrive to empower their customers to make informed financial decisions. With a small, dynamic Australian based team, we provide advisers personalised support and tailored assistance to give them the freedom to build a financially viable business with personalised support and access to Australia’s leading insurance providers.

Find out how our general advice model that integrates a CRM system, business process and compliance solution can work for you.