General advice defined

General advice is financial information delivered in a way that is informative to a client, but does not take their personal needs or circumstances into account.

A client who is actively looking for life insurance, will receive information on that specific topic, but not specific to them.

The difference between personal and general advice

When you compare general advice versus personal advice, the difference
can be easily understood when you look at it through the lens of responsibility. We’ve summarised and compared this so you can see the difference on how it works.

A technology driven general advice model

You will have access to the most advanced general advice platform and a team of experts who will support you. Empower your customers to make informed financial decisions without the need for advice through our platform that allows you to provide advice in 30 to 90 minutes from beginning to end.

Our Success Stories

We’ve delivered a new approach to providing general advice with our platform and model and helped advisers on their journey to build successful businesses. Learn how they’ve thrived in general advice.

Case Study
Russell Sheasby

Working in general advice has completely changed my outlook for the longevity of my career. This platform has increased my productivity.

Case Study
Reg Stenhouse

When you think your life’s work is finished because of regulations, that’s terrible. Now my business is increasing in value working in general advice.

Case Study
Tony Smilevski

My work-life balance has transformed with a general advice platform that gives me autonomy to do what I need to do and decide when I need to do it.

Find out how our general advice model that integrates a CRM system, business process and compliance solution can work for you.