Transition to general advice with confidence

The professionalisation of the personal insurance industry, has left many clients without access to quality products and risk advisers stressed and uncertain about their future.

Transition to General Advice

Sustainable Life Solutions helps advisers to transition from personal advice to general advice. You can continue to service your existing clients, improve your client’s experience with personal insurance and enjoy the freedom of building a financially viable business, while continuing to get access to Australia’s leading insurance providers.

A Seamless Client Experience

We believe that it should be easy for clients to purchase and maintain their insurances. Our simplified model lets them apply for insurance in as little as thirty to ninety minutes.

Understand General Advice

We’ve built a framework and guidelines to assist you to thoroughly understand the scope of general advice. Following our onboarding training, you’ll have the confidence to operate a general advice business and you’ll also have access to ongoing training and support.

Support from your own compliance team

To manage any compliance risk, Sustainable Life Solutions has an in-house compliance team that reviews every new client file. We eliminate audit anxiety by helping to identify and resolve any potential issues upfront, providing feedback, coaching and support along the way.

Move from Advice to Education

In receiving general advice, your clients are taking personal responsibility for their own decisions, which will be the biggest change for you and for your clients. We’re here to help you to shift from advice to education. Our technology platform, guidelines and support team make it much easier.

Communicate your way

With our general advice platform, we automate client communications with a range of templates. Choose to use our standard templates or create your own. Our technology records and tracks all client interactions and delivers all compliance documents automatically. This means that you will be able to provide information in a cost effective, efficient, and accessible manner with our platform.

When you join Sustainable Life Solutions, you’ll have on hand a team of experts who’ll personally support you in your transition from personal advice. We’ll help you to grow your business, with strategic and tailored assistance to grow your referral partner network. Whatever your needs might be, we’re here to help.

Making the transition to General Advice

Sustainable Life Solutions has helped many advisers and their practices successfully transition from a traditional advice business across to general advice.

Case Study
Russell Sheasby

Working in general advice has completely changed my outlook for the longevity of my career. On top of that, providing general advice has increased my productivity. It only takes me 90 minutes to provide an insurance solution which previously took 20 hours under a personal advice model. Clients I’ve had for many years have really taken to the general advice process. They find it much easier to understand.

Case Study
Reg Stenhouse

General advice has freed up time for me to do what I really enjoy, client interaction. It’s a much more streamlined process of engaging a client, educating them and implementing their required insurance within a short period that you couldn’t do under full advice and it’s the same type of cover I was providing before — nothing’s changed. When you think your life’s work is finished because of new industry regulations, that’s terrible. Now, my business is increasing in value.

Case Study
Tony Smilevski

I’ve had a seamless transition to the General Advice delivery model. This platform and model has streamlined every facet of the general advice process. With general advice, clients are empowered to select products with a focus on either price competitiveness or features and benefits. I have received resounding positive feedback from my clients since making the transition due to the ease of delivering insurance solutions simply.

Let’s talk about your future

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