Moving to General Advice

From zero to general advice hero

Personal advice is too expensive for the majority of Australians, which includes the people who need it the most. Moving to a general advice model means you can continue to service this part of the market.

There are two ways to make the transition

General Advice Transition | Option 1

You can continue to study and complete the financial adviser exam requirements, while working within the compliance regulations and continue to provide extensive paperwork for your clients whilst giving personal advice

General Advice Transition | Option 2

Or you can skip all of that, fast forward years of stagnated business growth and increasing regulatory requirements, by working with us instead. We’ve done all the hard work already. We understand the regulations and we’ve spent years building a platform that you can access, right now.
You’ll be up and running within a couple of weeks and submitting new business faster than you’ve ever done in the past.

Easing the transition to general advice

When you join Sustainable Life Solutions you get the most advanced general advice platform in existence, an experienced support team in your corner and a full training program to get you started as soon as possible.

Hands-on platform training sessions

We’ll help you get set up to begin with, and although most of the functionality is intuitive, we’ll walk you through every aspect of the platform regardless. You’ll have five, two hour training sessions for yourself and admin staff, and by the end of these sessions, you’ll be ready to go.

General advice training and guidance

You’ll also receive fully comprehensive training and guidance in the general advice process, so you’re comfortable with the regulatory requirements you’re about to engage with.

General advice delivery sessions

We provide full training and guidance, so you can continue to use your knowledge and experience to help clients in a way that is compliant, without crossing the line into personal advice. Our systems are designed to assist in the transition from advice to education.

Compliance checking

Wrapped up into all of this, of course, is the constant requirement for compliance and this is achieved through the auditing of new files, compliance guidelines and automated communications at every point along the way.

Our compliance team ensures all files are reviewed as part of the process, and you can rest assured that compliance is built into our model.
Let’s get started, right now.

Find out how our general advice model that integrates a CRM system, business process and compliance solution can work for you.