Personal versus General Advice

General advice, personal responsibility

When you compare general advice vs personal advice, the difference can be easily understood when you look at it through the lens of responsibility.

What's different

With General Advice, your client is responsible for any decisions made.
With Personal Advice, you’re responsible for the decisions your client makes.

It’s as simple as that, and the regulation and compliance that accompanies each approach reflects this basic, yet significant fact.

How does it work in General Advice vs Personal Advice?

General Advice Procecss

We’ve made it easier for advisers to work with their clients. With the Sustainable Life Solutions General Advice Platform, you can provide advice in only 30 to 90 minutes, from beginning to end.

“I have found general advice to be a rather pleasant way to engage clients using the Sustainable Life Solutions platform. Personal advice can be overwhelming for clients but general advice is a much easier way to engage with them.”

Reg Stenhouse, Adviser

Now general advice has its challenges, of course, like making sure you don’t accidentally wander into the personal advice territory. However, we’ve built a platform and guidelines that makes it easy for you.

So making the move to a general advice model has never been easier. Find out how to transition to general advice here.

Find out how our general advice model that integrates a CRM system, business process and compliance solution can work for you.