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Caitlin Gardiner

Caitlin Gardiner

Life Insurance Specialist.


Gold Coast, Queensland

Professional background

I have worked as a Financial Adviser for the past twenty five years.

Why do you like working with Sustainable Life Solutions as an adviser

I’ve had a seamless transition as an adviser to the General Advice delivery model working with Sustainable Life Solutions. The platform and model they provide is a streamlined solution for every facet of the general advice process. The CRM platform provided is extremely advanced and there is a consistently positive attitude from the Sustainable Life Solutions team that new functions can be tailored as required. I have received resounding positive feedback from my clients since making the transition due to the ease of delivering insurance solutions simply.

Key area of specialisation

I specialise in Personal Risk Insurance.

Describe how you have helped a client that made you a great partner to the client

My passion lies with advocating for clients during the claims process. This is often a time of high emotion for the client. My role is to lead them through the process as their advocate and guide. My tenacity and desire to see claims paid fairly makes me a great partner to clients.

Geographical areas you represent

Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and New South Wales.

One thing you would like clients to think about when it comes to life insurance

When considering life insurance, I would ask that clients consider the financial impact that their death, or illness may have on their loved ones or business associates.

Your approach to general advice when you work with clients

Working with clients providing general advice, I focus on educating clients on products and how they work. This empowers clients to be able to select products with their chosen focus on either price competitiveness or features and benefits.

Recommendations for consumers who are considering general advice

Any consumer considering general advice should take the time to understand what products and features are available to them. While a competitive premium does not indicate an inferior product, it is prudent to seek the knowledge of someone who can assist you in understanding the many differences between products.

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