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John Rhodes

Self employed clients in Central Queensland.


Rockhampton, Central Queensland

Professional background

I have had 45 years experience in the insurance business and I started my career with AMP Society in Sydney. After five years in Sydney, I moved back to Brisbane and went into management with New Zealand Victoria Life. I was out of the insurance business for eight years to run hotels in Yeppoon and Comet. After that period, I went back into the insurance business with AMP in Rockhampton. I am self-employed and work with all insurance companies that concentrate on Risk Insurance. I moved to Sustainable Life Solutions for their General Advice Model and I’ve found it easy to do business with them as they have access to a large list of insurers, a great technology platform and they provide me with support.

Why do you like working with Sustainable Life Solutions as an adviser

I really like working with Sustainable Life Solutions as they have all the tools and support necessary for me to look after my clients interests in an efficient and professional manner.

Key area of specialisation

Self employed clients.

Describe how you have helped a client that made you a great partner to the client

Over the years, I have solved the needs of many clients when it comes to their requirements and I’ve built long lasting friendships with them.

Geographical areas you represent

Central Queensland.

Your approach to general advice when you work with clients

Most of my clients want to know that if an unfortunate event were to occur, that their families would have no financial stress placed upon them.

Recommendations for consumers who are considering general advice

I recommend people who are seeking general advice be provided with factual and generalised information to assist them to make informed financial decisions. They should also work with an adviser that has partnered with leading insurers. At Sustainable Life Solutions, they have partnered with leading insurers who have a large range of products you can choose from.

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