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Russell Sheasby

Professionals, trade focused employees and small business owners across Australia


Gold Coast, Queensland

Professional background

I started my working life in South Africa and worked in the local government until I migrated to Australia. After living on the Gold Coast and working in the commercial side of landscaping, I moved over to Financial Planning. I’ve obtained a Diploma in Financial Planning, Higher Diploma in Financial Planning, and certification for Tax Professionals and Self-Managed Super Funds. In 2021, I moved over to general advice.

Why do you like working with Sustainable Life Solutions as an adviser

Working with Sustainable Life Solutions has renewed my business in so many ways. It has mainly reinforced once again that the insurance industry has a positive attitude and I’m focused on delivering a better outcome for my clients, serving them better and having access to choices that are right for them.

Key area of specialisation

Professionals, trade focused employees and small business owners across Australia.

Describe how you have helped a client that made you a great partner to the client

I recently had the opportunity to work with a family of three. After reviewing and implementing their new insurance, I was able to save them a total of $14,000 per year. That’s a fantastic outcome for these new clients.

Geographical areas you represent


Your approach to general advice when you work with clients

I have seen and personally experienced what a difference a life insurance policy can make for families. At a time when they are devastated by the loss of a loved one, the one thing they don’t have to worry about is money – if they were caring enough to provide for their family in this way.

One thing you would like clients to think about when it comes to life insurance

General advice empowers my clients with the knowledge they need to make the correct decisions in choosing not only the insurance company but also the benefit they want, as opposed being told what to have. This has a direct impact on the longevity of my clients and the policies they decide to keep, mainly because they are the ones making the choices and not someone else.

Recommendations for consumers who are considering general advice

General advice can be a working and sustainable option for most people. They have a variety of insurance product choices and they can control the outcome they desire.

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