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Shawn Grimsey

Income protection in Queensland and Northern New South Wales


Tamborine, Queensland

Professional background

I’ve been working in personal insurance since leaving school in 1990.

Why do you like working with Sustainable Life Solutions as an adviser

Sustainable Life Solutions are really easy to work with and they have a great support base for their advisers. This makes my job of dealing with clients so much easier.

Key area of specialisation

Income protection.

Describe how you have helped a client that made you a great partner to the client

Helping any of my clients through a claims process as this is ultimately what they’ve obtained insurance for.

Geographical areas you represent

Queensland and Northern New South Wales

Your approach to general advice when you work with clients

There is one question that I will always ask them – Will their family be financially okay if something happens to them.

I try and help the client to make an educated decision on how they would like their insurance needs covered.

Recommendations for consumers who are considering general advice

The client should get to choose what insurance they think works for them and they should always be in the driver’s seat.

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